He is modest. He works a lot. He runs the whole army of, gathered around him in the kitchen, without losing his temper. The man described this way is Mariyan Bogdanov, the man who manages the kitchen of LIFE…restaurant, pizzeria & wine bar.
His career passed all of the steps of this profession: from working in a restaurant catering mainly workers to chef in several iconic Black sea restaurants.

His personal focus is on rare or more quality meats such as Angus beef, veal shank , cooked under vacuum pork, which is processed from whole animals in the kitchen of the restaurant in order to achieve a better flavor, also duck fillet. Another focus is on original garnish - fries with thyme, cooked under vacuum, rice with coconut and amaretto, broccoli with almonds, spinach with white wine and cream, mashed root vegetables.
Once he got the present, with experienced, knowledge and recognition of guild, gained through years, Mariyan Bogdanov has a simple dream: "The customer comes, sits down and orders of a little, tight menu. No comment."

Working Hours:
Every day from 8.00 to 24.00 hours

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